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Specimens are the main antagonists of Killing Floor. While they are widely referred to as zombies they are in fact failed experimental clones created by Horzine Biotech, a biotechnology company in London, England. It is not necessarily wrong to label them as zombies, however, as they behave in such a fashion. Unlike zombies, they can be aggrevated by damage, sightline or gun noises and have instincts kick in to protect each other for not breaking the attack composition. There are ten different specimens, each with different abilities and appearances. Along the game session, squad will face different specimen in waves with trader time in between. Regular waves of specimen will pit players against group combinations consist of nine different specimen type, allowing them to cause complicated attacks until last one of them killed and Trader opens her doors. This dynamic lasts until the Patriarch wave which squad only can be victorious by killing him. Wave count in a session is determined by game length, namely; short, medium and long.

During wave time specimens spawn randomly at pre-determined locations near to the players, providing there is something obscuring the view between all players and the chosen spawn area. Specimen can spawn at areas in the map limitations or pour in from out of reach barricaded areas. Rates for multiple groups and delay between specimen groups to spawn in the map can get tighter, depending on squad's killing rate in the last few seconds, else a new player joining middle of the wave. When squad manages to kill so many specimen in quick succession, more than one group may spawn at once with long distances between them and the specimen groups that spawn have shorter delays between them to spawn. There's a high chance that higher threats will start to flank you from rear positions in case players dare to use cheesy techniques to overwhelm specimen. Unless modified by mutators, maximum amount of specimen to be present in the map is 32 at once.

Specimens' attributes determined by what called as difficulty multipliers and each are separate values for health, damage and movement speed that affect by player count or difficulty level, sometimes both. Health of specimen tied to difficulty for low grade specimen, in the case of medium and high threats alive player count comes into play too. Specimen damage value scales with difficulty and has a small random spread for melee attacks and some special attacks. Movement speed of specimen again scales with difficulty and may vary with random spread at their initial spawn and their special attacks.

For cutting down time in a wave and keeping players alerted, specimen gain an immense hidden speed when any player or spectator don't have sightline on them. Hidden speed is well above four to five times of standard specimen movement speed. This bonus only scales up with player count in the game and applies to all difficulties regardless of alive player count. Out of view speed ceases and applies back regarding of player and spectators observing specimen. This allows flanking groups to cut the chase of kiting player or players easily if one is careless about spawn rates.

Specimen can replenish some of their health from killing players when themselves are injured and are below 90% health, roughly healing 10% of current value for each kill until they hit back over 90% again else, wipe the squad finally. Specimen that kill players with ranged attacks or have more than 90% health when they scored a melee kill, will not heal back from the kill. Only specimen with on demand healing is the Patriarch himself with his syringes as he hit the max health thresholds. No other specimen has a way of healing besides scoring a melee kill on players when injured.

Some low threat specimens also have cannibalistic tendencies and will feast on the corpses of recently deceased players or keep whittling at the dead body. During this time, other players can earn the "Dignity for the Dead" achievement. There is also a wide range of other achievements related to non-specific Specimen kills. For a full list see Achievements.


Icon Name Description
Clot icon 64.png  Clot  The Clot is one of the weakest and most common specimens. It possesses the ability to grab players.
Crawler icon 64.png  Crawler  The Crawler is the weakest and most agile specimen. It often travels in groups and can spawn in unusual places.
Gore icon 64.png  Gorefast  The Gorefast is a moderately powerful specimen with the ability to charge players at short range.
Stalker icon 64.png  Stalker  The Stalker is a weak specimen with the ability to camouflage herself.
Bloat icon 64.png  Bloat  The Bloat is a large and slow specimen with a high amount of health and the ability to spew corrosive bile at its targets.
Husk icon 64.png  Husk  The Husk is a moderately powerful specimen with a ranged fireball attack that light anything on fire with its splash damage.
Siren icon 64.png  Siren  The Siren is a moderately powerful specimen with an area of effect scream that does not affect, and is not negated by, body armour.
Scrake icon 64.png  Scrake  The Scrake is a very durable specimen that has a chainsaw in place of its hand. It charges at players in a never ceasing frantic state when it has low health.
Pound icon 64.png  Fleshpound  The Fleshpound is a very dangerous specimen when provoked by prolonged sight of a survivor while being unable to melee its target, or incurring beyond a damage threshold within a short period of time.
Patriarch icon 64.png  Patriarch  The Patriarch is the big bad boss, appearing in the final wave(5,8,11) depending on game length, capable of cloaking, equipped with a mini-gun, a rocket launcher, and three syringes to heal himself.


The base statistics for a specimen are its statistics on Normal difficulty, yet scales up or down with difficulty setting or remaining alive players between waves. The difficulty multipliers for health are x0.5 for Beginner, x1.0 for Normal, x1.35 for Hard, x1.55 for Suicidal and x1.75 for Hell on Earth. The bottom line of table; "Increase per player", refers to the amount of health added per additional player, before difficulty multipliers are applied. Specimen health separated to two pools as; Total Health which determines the cumulative vitality a specimen have and Head Health which is tied to Total Health. Head Health reflects the damage it incurred to the Total Health pool and deals decapitation bonus to remaining health when exhausted.

For example, to figure an enemy's 6 player health, add 5 times the increase per player value shown on the table to their Normal difficulty base solo health then multiply the result with the intended difficulty's health multiplier. To example; Gorefast gains 37.5 health per additional player and has 250 health at normal difficulty, in Hell on Earth difficulty, 6-player his health value will be; [250 + (37.5 * 5)] * 1.75 =765.625~ roughly 766 health. Alternatively, multiply the percent gained per player with additional players up to 5 then add a one to it, then multiply this value to the respective solo base health of specimen. To example; Siren head health is in Hell on Earth difficulty is 350 and gain 5% per alive player; to calculate 6 player head health; [(5 * 0.05) + 1] * 350 = 437.5 health for head. For further information about their health scaling, visit the specimen's individual page.

Trash specimen keep their head and body health when new players join, medium and higher grade specimen only gain body health and high grade threats gain both body and head health per player alive. Specimen that are able to do so, only scale up maximum health based on the alive players. New middle of the wave joiners or any sort of dead players will not contribute to the health pool of specimen. When a player dies, remaining specimen will not have their health scaled down but new batch of 32 specimen will spawn with their health scaled down to reflect the alive player count. Trash specimen only get affected by current health multiplier of the difficulty, and their maximum total health remains constant along the match just like their head health.

Total health[edit]

Maximum total health of specimen scales up by current difficulty's health multiplier and for some specimen total health scales with current alive player count and specimen health multiplier of current difficulty. Only medium to high grade specimen scales up their total health with every alive player and difficulty multiplier. For ranged threats such as Siren and Husk this number is 10% gain per alive player, meat shield specimen such as Gorefast get 15%, Bloat and hulking specimen like Fleshpound get 25%, Scrake gets 50% and finally Patriarch gets 75% increase per alive player.

 Difficulty  Clot icon 64.png Crawler icon 64.png Gore icon 64.png Stalker icon 64.png Bloat icon 64.png Husk icon 64.png Siren icon 64.png Scrake icon 64.png Pound icon 64.png Patriarch icon 64.png
 Beginner  65 35 125 50 263 300 150 500 750 2000
 Normal  130 70 250 100 525 600 300 1000 1500 4000
 Hard  176 95 338 135 709 810 405 1350 2025 5400
 Suicidal  202 109 388 155 814 930 465 1550 2325 6200
 Hell on Earth  228 123 438 175 919 1050 525 1750 2625 7000
 Increase per player  0 0 38 0 131 60 30 500 375 3000

Head health[edit]

Maximum head health of specimen scales up by current difficulty's health multiplier for base solo play health and head health of specimen increases per alive player depending on their threat grade. Only high grade specimen scales up their head health with every alive player; for ranged threats, this number is 5% gain per alive player and big specimen gets 30% increase per alive player. Weaker specimen won't have their head health scale with alive players and stay static with difficulty multiplier. Only specimen to not have a separate head health pool is Patriarch which is the boss specimen.

Landing a headshot on a specimen will calculate the damage after adding headshot multiplier with the exception of Buzzsaw, M99 and Crossbow which adds headshot multiplier on themselves to check for headshot and target resistance later. After specimen confirmed to get head damage, multipliers will be added and resulting damage will retracted from its head health and body health together. Head health is always lower than total health while affecting total health one sided. While been separated, head health pool is part of the total health and any damage to head health will also be deducted from the total health of specimen. Attacking the body of specimen will not deduct any head health, but tenderizing the total health lower than head health ensures specimen will die before decapitation on headshots.

When a specimen's head health is exhausted, it will be decapitated. Upon decapitation specimen will incur extra decapitation damage to their body health depending on the power of weapon that last hit them. If last hit damage they incur is strong enough to wipe them out, they will die on the point of decapitation. Decap damage bonus is expressed as [(Last Damage Amount + (0.25 * Max Health of Specimen)) * (Resistance and Damage Multipliers)]; quarter of specimen maximum health added to the last damage they incur and this value multiplied by any headshot, incendiary direct and resistance or vulnerability multipliers depending on hit location of the specimen.

As head health is lower than the specimen's body health just whittling away its head health down to 0 with a weak weapon, will cause it to bleed away on decapitation. After a soft decapitation occurs that doesn't kill them, specimen will get the value Braindead, applied physics for ragdoll and slowly bleed out in a few seconds until they finally drop. Softly decapitating them with weak weapons will leave their bodies capable only of simple attacks, get headshot damage on body and wobble while walking slower for three to seven seconds aimlessly before they die. The ranged ones and other bulky specimen like Bloat, Husk and Scrake can stand headless for 5 seconds, Fleshpound is the only capable specimen to have bleed duration of 7 second upon a soft decapitation. Rest of the specimen only stays barely alive for 3 seconds when left to bleed out.

Head position on dedicated servers are not rendered server side on certain animations, so server has to use an approximation when trying to locate the head position on any pawn/target. When jumping, crouching or swimming animations, server places the head at the middle center of the subject pawn during the animation.

 Difficulty  Clot icon 64.png Crawler icon 64.png Gore icon 64.png Stalker icon 64.png Bloat icon 64.png Husk icon 64.png Siren icon 64.png Scrake icon 64.png Pound icon 64.png Patriarch icon 64.png
 Beginner  13 13 13 13 13 100 100 325 350 2000
 Normal  25 25 25 25 25 200 200 650 700 4000
 Hard  34 34 34 34 34 270 270 878 945 5400
 Suicidal  39 39 39 39 39 310 310 1008 1085 6200
 Hell on Earth  44 44 44 44 44 350 350 1138 1225 7000
 Increase per player  0 0 0 0 0 10 10 195 210 3000*
  • Patriarch doesn't have a separate health pool for its head and can't be dismembered or decapitated unless dead.

Attack damage[edit]

Melee attacks[edit]

Specimen gain damage bonus or lose efficiency compared to its base value, regarding the specific difficulty multiplier for specimen damage. This is 30% at Beginner, 100% at Normal, 125% at Hard, 150% at Suicidal and finally 175% at Hell on Earth. All specimen have a 5% spread at random on their melee attacks, causing attack damage to lose or gain 5% on hit at random. For very low damage melee attacks, this difference is nearly indistinguishable but still causes 1-2 damage difference per damage tick. For some big specimen with high damage however, that randomization can be the decisive factor if a player lives or dies in a bad scenario.

When specimen is lower than 90% of maximum health, melee attack kills performed by specimen upon the player will heal specimen for its current 10% of health. This healing mechanism has no exception and will heal any specimen that is low enough immediately as long as the last hit upon player is a melee attack. Specimen that use ranged attacks to kill players or over 90% maximum health, will not benefit from this healing mechanism in any way.

 Difficulty  Clot icon 64.png Crawler icon 64.png Gore icon 64.png Stalker icon 64.png Bloat icon 64.png Husk icon 64.png Siren icon 64.png Scrake icon 64.png Pound icon 64.png Patriarch icon 64.png
Attack type Gnaw(x2) Pounce Slash(x2) Claw Chop Bash Bite Chainsaw Saw Loop One-two(x2) Double grinder(x4) Double uppercut Right claw Impale(x2) Sweep
 Beginner  2 2 5 3 4 5 4 6 4 5 2 11 23 23 54-108 damage per tick, hits twice. Double damage for targets with more than 50% armour
 Normal  6 6 15 9 14 15 13 20 12 17 8 35 75 75
 Hard  8 8 19 11 18 19 16 25 15 21 10 44 94 94
 Suicidal  9 9 23 14 21 23 20 30 18 26 12 53 113 113
 Hell on Earth  11 11 26 16 25 26 23 35 21 30 14 61 131 131
 Attack Range (in units)  20 50 30 30 30 30 45 40 40 55 55 55 85 45 156


  • All melee attacks randomized for up to 5% loss or gain.
  • When softly decapitated to bleed out, Clot gain double damage and attack reach, he can pin down the player for 1.5 seconds at that state only.
  • Crawlers can hit twice with their pounce if they collide with the target as they retreat.
  • Stalkers can slash twice consecutively in two ticks, each single slash deals half damage of their base damage.
  • Gorefast maximum charge distance is 700 units and when they charge from that distance they always move while slashing at target.
  • Gorefast has a chance to charge at first sight of player that scales up with difficulty; it starts at 10% at Beginner-Normal difficulty to maximize up to 40% at the highest difficulty.
  • Husk, Bloat and Siren prefer to use their ranged attacks first before they use their melee attacks even if their target are in range to do so.
  • Fleshpound gain 75% damage bonus when charging at enraged state.
  • Fleshpound's one-two swing can hit twice but if he lands the first enraged hit, his enraged state will cease.
  • Fleshpound's double grinder ticks for four times and can hit more when he pulls back. Ill advised to retaliate with a firearm upon being hit with that attack.
  • Patriarch's melee attacks at solo games damage with 75% efficiency, in every difficulty.
  • Patriarch's chest impale can hit twice if target is stuck at point blank or in mid-air.
  • Patriarch's claw has a precision of targets for proximity at a 180 angle infront of him. Only prioritizes the closest single target in a half circle range infront of him.
  • Patriarch's melee charge interval is 5-10 seconds, number of chained melee attacks in one charge attempt = 1-3.
  • Patriarch's roundhouse sweep, triggers when there are 3 or more players around him and he takes any damage from players. It has no interval cooldown and approximately 3 meters range.

Ranged attacks[edit]

 Difficulty  Bloat icon 64.png Husk icon 64.png Siren icon 64.png Patriarch icon 64.png
Bile(x3) Fireball Scream(x6) Minigun Rockets
 Beginner  1 - 2 9 2 2 - 6 75
 Normal  4 - 7 25 8 6 - 21 200
 Hard  6-11 29 10 7-24 230
 Suicidal  8-14 33 12 8-27 260
 Hell on Earth  10-18 14


  • Bloat's projectile puke has a splash radius of 150 units and can be puked up to 250 units. Hits up to three times. Any initial hit splash, always inflict damage over time effect.
  • Bloat's bile damage over time = 2 + [0~2] each 0.5sec *7 = 14~28 total damages over 3.5sec. Damage over time effect doesn't scale with difficulty or stack from different initial hits.
  • Bloats walk over as they puke with a scaling up chance from 20% in Beginner-Normal to maximize at 80% in the hardest difficulty, gaining 20% more chance each additional difficulty scale.
  • Husk's fireball interval is; Beginner = 7 - 8.8 sec, Normal = 5.5 - 7.5 sec, Hard = 4.1 - 6.1 sec, Sui/HoE = 3.3 - 5 sec.
  • Siren scream only affects players, spreads 6 waves at one go with 700 units radius.
  • Patriarch's minigun interval is 5-15 seconds, rocket launcher interval is 5-25 seconds.
  • Patriarch Minigun sprays 59-94 bullets at one go with 0.06 spread with each exposure randomized between 0.75 - 1.25 seconds and high fire rate.
  • Patriarch's Minigun deals 4-12 damage at Normal difficulty solo as the only exception. Rest of the difficulties deal same damage at solo play.
  • Patriarch Rocket launcher scorches 500 radius area and has no minimal distance travel for arm time.
  • Patriarch's Rocket launcher set back to 25% efficiency in Beginner and 37.5% efficiency in Normal at solo play.


The movement speed of specimens varies based on the difficulty, whether they are on land or in water, and if they have the ability to charge. Specimens cannot charge whilst in water. The difficulty modifiers for specimens' speed is 95% for beginner, 115% for hard, 122% for suicidal and 130% for Hell on Earth. All specimen has a very mild 10% spread randomization on their initial spawn. This might cause individual specimen to block shots for each other or stall behind at random, never giving an expected result at high difficulties against same encounters where this spread is very noticeable.

All jump heights are unique to the player and non-player characters in particular; there are no modifiers on the height specimens can jump. All specimen jump with 320-350 units velocity and their jump height will not vary or differ from each other by spread. For comparison, human players run at a speed of 214-238 units per second when in perfect health with Knife wielded, move 200 units per second at under water and jump with 325 units velocity but to a shorter height compared to specimen.

 Difficulty  Clot icon 64.png Crawler icon 64.png Gore icon 64.png Stalker icon 64.png Bloat icon 64.png Husk icon 64.png Siren icon 64.png Scrake icon 64.png Pound icon 64.png Patriarch icon 64.png
 Beginner  100 133 114 190 71 109 95 81 124 114
 Normal  105 140 120 200 75 115 100 85 130 120
 Hard  121 161 138 230 86 132 115 98 150 138
 Suicidal  128 171 146 244 92 140 122 104 159 146
 Hell on Earth  137 182 156 260 98 150 130 111 169 156
 Jump  340 350 320 350 320 320 320 320 320 320
 Water  105 130 140 180 102 102 80 75 120 120

Special moves[edit]

 State  Crawler icon 64.png Gore icon 64.png Siren icon 64.png Scrake icon 64.png Pound icon 64.png Patriarch icon 64.png
Attack type Pounce Charge Scream Sawing Charge Raging Melee Escape
 Beginner  330 214 62 202 283 284 143 285
 Normal  225 64 212.5 297.5 299 150 300
 Hard  259 75 244 342 344 173 345
 Suicidal  275 79 259 363 365 183 366
 Hell on Earth  293 85 276 387 389 195 390


  • All movement values have up to 10% random spread for higher or lower speed on specimen's initial spawn.
  • Crawler's horizontal pounce distance is 250 units at once maximum.
  • All specimen get 20% movement slow down and worse reaction times from getting burnt.
  • Fleshpound will only ignore the effects of slowdown from being crisped while enraged.
  • Patriarch is the only specimen to be completely immune to slowdown from burnt state.

Out of sightline speed[edit]

All specimen has a hidden speed when out of sightline to seek players faster when no spectators or other players observing them. This hidden is speed is unaffected by difficulty and scales up only by the players in the game regardless of their dead or alive state.

 Hidden Speed  With 1-3 players With 4-5 players With 6 players
 For all Specimen  300 390 495


Upon killing a specimen, the player is rewarded with a cash bounty. This bounty varies between specimens and difficulties. The base value is the bounty on Normal; for Beginner, this is doubled; for hard and suicidal/hell on earth, the floor values of 85% and 65% (respectively) are used. All values are in British pounds. While playing a short game (4+1 waves), all rewards are increased by 75%.

 Difficulty  Clot icon 64.png Crawler icon 64.png Gore icon 64.png Stalker icon 64.png Bloat icon 64.png Husk icon 64.png Siren icon 64.png Scrake icon 64.png Pound icon 64.png Patriarch icon 64.png
 Beginner  14 20 24 30 34 34 50 150 400 1000
 Normal  7 10 12 15 17 17 25 75 200 500
 Hard  5 8 10 12 14 14 21 63 170 425
 Suicidal  4 6 7 9 11 11 16 48 130 325
 Hell on Earth 

Wave layout[edit]

In a standard game, specimens first appear during certain waves, the timing varying according to the length of the game. The first, last, and final waves always contain the same specimens; in these waves the only thing that changes is the numbers of specimens, which is based on the game length and the number of players.

Short game[edit]

 Wave  Clot icon 64.png Crawler icon 64.png Gore icon 64.png Stalker icon 64.png Bloat icon 64.png Husk icon 64.png Siren icon 64.png Scrake icon 64.png Pound icon 64.png
1  X X X
2  X
4  X

Medium game[edit]

 Wave  Clot icon 64.png Crawler icon 64.png Gore icon 64.png Stalker icon 64.png Bloat icon 64.png Husk icon 64.png Siren icon 64.png Scrake icon 64.png Pound icon 64.png
1  X X X
2  X
3  X
4  X
5  X
6  X
7  X

Long game[edit]

 Wave  Clot icon 64.png Crawler icon 64.png Gore icon 64.png Stalker icon 64.png Bloat icon 64.png Husk icon 64.png Siren icon 64.png Scrake icon 64.png Pound icon 64.png
1  X X X
2  X
3  X
4  X
5  X
6  X
7  X
8  X
9  X
10  X

Final wave[edit]

The final wave contains scripted spawns. The phases represent the number of healing syringes the Patriarch has used, out of three.

 Phase  Patriarch icon 64.png Clot icon 64.png Crawler icon 64.png Stalker icon 64.png
0  X
1  X
2  X
3  X

Removed Specimens[edit]

There are 5 unused/removed specimens from the game. They can be accessed via console or sandbox. 3 of which can be playable and none of them have their own original models. They are left in due to the coding from the KFMod.

Icon Name Description
Crawler icon 64.png  Shade  The Shade is a crawler that hops like mad. Causes serious amout of damage when several are around. Unlike the crawler, they do not crawl but already leap when they spawn.
Pound icon 64.png  Chain-Gunner  The Fleshpound Chaingunner is a Fleshpound that shoots from his left arm. It is very buggy and his "chaingun" arm moves around the place due to a lack of animation.
Stalker icon 64.png  Wretch  In-game, Wretch (As well as Infected Soldier) is an invisible enemy with the hurt SFX of Stalker/Siren. They would die from either 1 - 3 hits. They cast a shadow and will still be "standing" when killed.
Gore icon 64.png  GoreFastSP  The Gorefast SP is Gorefast with more speed. No other major differences. Its reason for being made is unknown.
Stalker icon 64.png  Infected Soldier  The Infected Soldier acted the same ways as the Wretch in the KF ModV1.

Their console/sandbox name are







Click on an image to view it at full size and its related information.

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