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Default characters
Includes: Corporal Lewis, Lieutenant Masterson, Police Constable Briar, Police Sergeant Davin, Private Schnieder, Sergeant Powers
Portrait of Corporal Lewis. Portrait of Lieutenant Masterson. Portrait of Police Constable Briar. Portrait of Police Sergeant Davin. Portrait of Private Schnieder. Portrait of Sergeant Powers.

The Squad members of Killing Floor are basically the surviving units of the first army and the police troops. These are the few people that are left and are supposed to kill each and every specimen left all over the world.

Each one of these members have a unique biography, however, critics have complained that all the character's models look nearly the same and is hard to differentiate between each other (Private Schnieder and Lieutenant Masterson look nearly the same), and also because they only have 2 different sets of voices.

Players will be controlling one of the members in the squad and are allowed to control a character even though another player has chosen him in a game. AI will not control squad members that are not selected in solo and multiplayer.

Corporal Lewis[edit]

Corporal Lewis Portrait.jpg About a month before hell spilled onto the streets, Lewis was at risk of being relieved of duty as a result of his pudgy physique. Life or death situations tend to help with shedding the pounds however, and he has since brought his body back to 'military standards'. Not that it really matters, his commanding officer (and fat hater) was decapitated last week by some gurgling thing with no skin.
Potato Fools Day biography

Summer Solstice.

Corporal Lewis.jpg

Lieutenant Masterson[edit]

Lieutenant Masterson Portrait.jpg It's unclear how this man rose through the ranks so quickly; his prior military service seems virtually non-existant. One thing that's clear is that he's a man of few words, and has an unnaturally calm demeanour in combat situations. He directs his men decisively, and always gets the job done - no matter how unsavoury.
Potato fools day biography

Has anyone noticed that I'm in every game that Tripwire makes?

Lieutenant Masterson.jpg

Police Constable Briar[edit]

Police Constable Briar Portrait.jpg Imagine getting the call to suit up, because there's a riot. Imagine that it's been your job for the last three years to bludgeon hippies and manhandle environmentalists. Now imagine it's dawning on you that your nightstick probably isn't gonna be enough for the swarms of 'not-quite-rioters' that are shambling madly toward you. Three weeks, and several dozen smashed skulls later it's tough not to wonder whether his affinity for unsolicited violence is all that got Briar through.
Potato Fools Day biography

My favorite color is Yelowwwwwwwwwwww.


Police Sergeant Davin[edit]

Police Sergeant Davin Portrait.jpg This is pretty much what the Sergeant has been looking for his whole adult life. He was looking for it when his wife cheated on him with (a few) of the guys in the force. He was looking for it when his daughter dropped out of college and proclaimed herself to be a bisexual vegan and cosmic traveller. And he was definitely looking for it when an internal shuffle had him slated to be taken off the beat and stuck behind a desk until he was too old to hold a pen. All hail the end of the world.
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So apparently the end of the world isn't all all it was cracked up to be.


Private Schnieder[edit]

Private Schnieder Portrait.jpg When his squad was ripped literally limb from limb minutes after their deployment into London, Schnieder had two options. The first was give up and die along with his friends. The second was to stab, kick, shoot, slash, bite and bludgeon his way out of a very bad situation indeed. Fortunately he chose the latter, and though his rank doesn't suggest it, he's more than able to keep pace with the men he fights alongside.
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Ah fuck off.


Sergeant Powers[edit]

Sergeant Powers Portrait.jpg Coming home to find the remains of your wife and kids jammed in the door is a good recipe for a bad mood. Powers eats little, sleeps even less, and what he lacks in conversation skills, he compensates for with the kind of bloodlust that has his fellow survivors sleeping with one eye open. Oh, and he collects the freak's fingers.
Potato Fools Day biography

In search of a caravan and some dags to live out his life in peace.

Sergeant Powers.jpg

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