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Pack cost: £0.99 – (Steam)
Includes: Reggie "Basher" Clover, Adam Butler, Doctor Dave, Peter the Assassin
Portrait of Reggie "Basher" Clover. Portrait of Adam Butler. Portrait of Doctor Dave. Portrait of Peter the Assassin.

"Steampunk" was the first of two steam punk themed character packs, both of which unlock four unique playable characters for Killing Floor for the price of £0.99 through steam. The second of which being Steampunk 2.

Reggie "Basher" Clover[edit]

Reggie Clover Portrait.jpg Big, angry and fast, Reggie’s always been driven by an overpowering need to dish out pain and suffering in equal measure, which is why his old career in the police force arguably wasn't an ideal fit. When chaos erupted on the streets of London, courtesy of Horzine’s army of freaks, Reggie binned his uniform, strapped on some home-made armour and got to work cleaning up the world one mutant at a time. Reggie Clover.png

Adam Butler[edit]

Adam Butler Portrait.jpg The purifying power of flame has long fascinated Adam, a quirk that drove him in and out of foster homes and eventually every prison north of the Thames. But his passion never waned and, while feeding his hunger, Adam refined his skills and forged a reputation as the world’s foremost pyromaniac for hire. The Horzine disaster drew our hero homeward and now Adam finds himself on the streets of London dishing out his own unique brand of fiery pain for free. Adam Butler.png

Doctor Dave[edit]

Doctor Dave Portrait.jpg No one thought David would make a good doctor, which is why he was rejected by every medical school in the country. Imagine his surprise and delight when the Horzine mutant problem erupted, allowing any lunatic with a scalpel and some bandages to call themselves a medic. David now roams the streets, helping the wounded and vanquishing the undead – though sometimes he gets the two a bit mixed up. Doctor Dave.png

Peter the Assassin[edit]

Peter the Assassin Portrait.jpg Descended from a long line of aristocratic assassins, Peter’s weapon of choice has always been the sniper rifle. Deadly, arrogant and easily bored, Peter sees the Horzine outbreak as the ultimate chance to test himself against the worst science has to throw at mankind. Now Peter seeks out Horzine mutants, eager to wage war against an enemy he fears too numerous even for one of his prodigious skills. Peter the Assassin.png
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