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This template is for adding multi-lingual support to other templates. The redirect template:LS can be used instead to decrease the required text.

At the location of the text to be translated place the following code:

{{Language switch|{{{1}}}|en=English text|ru=Russian translation|fr=French translation}}

The {{{1}}}, the bit defined on the end page to switch between the translations, should be changed to something else (like {{{2}}} or {{{3}}}) if it conflicts with another parameter of the template its used in. To prevent text clumping and to aid readability the template can be wrote out as follows (also including all currently available params):


-->|en=English text.<!--

-->|ru=Russian translation.<!--

-->|de=German translation.<!--

-->|fr=French translation.<!--

-->|it=Italian translation.<!--

-->|nl=Dutch translation.<!--

-->|pt= Portuguese translation.<!--

-->|es= Spanish translation.<!--


Some of these parameters may never get used and its easy enough to add new options to the template if it becomes necessary.

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