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Tommy gun
Trader Thompson.png
Pricing: £900 (£675)
Weight: 5 blocks
Ammo: 30 Hud Ammo Clip.png 9 (300)
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The Thompson sub-machine gun. An absolute classic of design and functionality, beloved by soldiers and gangsters for decades! —Trader description 

The Tommy gun (Thompson M1A1) is a submachine gun for Commandos. It is only available for purchase to buyers of the Community Weapon Pack DLC. DLC owners can give it to those who do not own the DLC, if they wish. It has a damage and rate of fire between that of the M4 and AK-47 assault rifles. The capacity and ammo reserve for it are identical to that of the AK. One must be mindful of conserving ammo with the Tommy gun, because it deals the least damage out of all the weapons that carry only 300 rounds, and fires rapidly. It has low recoil, similar to the Bullpup. The Tommy gun weighs only 5 blocks, rather than the 6 of the assault rifles. It's also cheaper than most of the assault rifles. Depending on the level of the Commando player, the magazine capacity and price can go from 30 rounds and £900 to 37 rounds and £270. It cannot be found in the default weapon spawns. It has a default headshot damage multiplier of 1.1, which can be increased with the universal headshot bonus of the Sharpshooter perk.


The commando perk gives bonuses and discounts on the Tommy gun. For headshot damage, multiply by 1.1.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Magazine size
Base 0% £900 £675 40 30
0 10% £810 £607 42 30
1 20% £720 £539 44 33
2 30% £630 £472 48 36
3 40% £540 £404 52 37
4 50% £450 £337 56 37
5 60% £360 £269 60 37
6 70% £270 £202 60 37

Price and ammunition[edit]

The cost of the Thompson is £900, which can be reduced to £270 with use of the commando perk, at intervals of £90 per level. The cost of ammunition remains static per-bullet at £1 for 3 bullets, but the magazine size changes according to a commando's level. With another perk selected or with level 0 commando players get the default 30-bullet magazine and 300-bullet capacity, with a cost of £10 per magazine and £100 total. At level 1, players receive a 33-bullet magazine and 330-bullet capacity, costing £110 total. At level 2, players receive a 36-bullet magazine and a 360-bullet capacity, costing £120 total. At level 3 and above, commandos receive a 25% capacity increase, which does not divide well into the default 30-bullet capacity because it would leave the Tommy gun with 37.5 bullets per magazine; the result is a 37-bullet magazine and 375 total bullets, costing £125 altogether.


The Tommy gun can decapitate a weaker specimen with a single headshot under all circumstances. In terms of damage, it's directly between the AK-47 and M4 carbine. It has a high rate of fire, between that of the M4 and the SCARMK17, and a bullet spread that is less than the AK, but greater than the other commando rifles.

While operating at fully-automatic, the Tommy gun fires almost 12 bullets per second: one bullet every 0.0857 seconds. Without perk bonuses, the damage output of a single magazine is 1200 damage in 2.571 seconds, followed by a 3.6 second delay to reload. As a level 5 or 6 commando, the total damage output of a single magazine of 37 bullets is 2220 damage in 3.1709 seconds with a 2.4 second delay for reloading before being able to fire again.


The selective fire on the Tommy gun allows a player optional control over the firing mode. Semi-automatic allows for players to make individual shots, suitable for killing weak specimens without wasting ammo. Fully-automatic can also be used in a similar fashion if players tap the primary fire button only very briefly, but also gives the option of firing in short bursts or in longer streaks if the situations require it. It has low recoil; the muzzle rise is less than that of the Bullpup, but the horizontal recoil is greater. The recoil has an overall pattern of slowly going directly upwards, so slowly aiming downwards as you fire all-out can counter it, somewhat.

It is lighter than most of the assault rifles, and can be carried together with the SCARMK17, leaving 4 weight blocks free. This allows you to carry both guns plus any pair of pistols, a katana, an MP7M or MP5M medic gun, or an M79 grenade launcher. The M79 in particular allows the Commando to damage Fleshpounds more easily than his rifles would.

As an off-perk weapon, it has limited usefulness, but may be suitable for some Field Medics and Demolition Experts as a backup weapon, especially against Stalkers.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Very low recoil: The Thompson is tied with the FNFAL for having the lowest vertical recoil, 150. For reference, the AK-47 and SCAR have the highest vertical recoil, 500.
  • Moderately powerful: The Thompson's damage is between that of the AK-47 and M4.
  • Reliable decapitation: Even without the commando perk, the Thompson can decapitate Clots and other weak specimens on Hell on Earth difficulty.
  • Cheap;
  • Lightweight;
  • Semi-automatic and fully-automatic firing modes;
  • Rapid firing rate.


  • Very weak against stronger specimens (like the Fleshpound or Patriarch);
  • Moderately wide spread;
  • Iron sights are not as effective as the scopes on some of the assault rifles;
  • Low ammo reserve.
  • Requires DLC to be bought and installed before the gun can be bought in-game.


The Thompson is an American SMG infamous for rocking the twenties, after its introduction in the prohibition era. The model featured in Killing Floor is a M1A1, which is a simpler, cheaper variant developed for the U.S. Army during World War II. Being a late addition, added to Killing Floor in the Hillbilly Horror event, it was not featured in the original mod.


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