Urban Nightmare

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Urban Nightmare
Urban Nightmare.jpg
Pack cost: £1.49 – (Steam)
Includes: Dave The Butcher Roberts, Dr Jeffrey Tamm, Samuel Avalon, Shadow Ferret
Portrait of Dave The Butcher Roberts. Portrait of Dr Jeffrey Tamm. Portrait of Samuel Avalon. Portrait of Shadow Ferret.

The "Urban Nightmare" character pack unlocks four unique playable characters for Killing Floor when purchased through Steam for the price of £1.49.

Dave 'The Butcher' Roberts[edit]

Butcher portrait.jpg Dave 'The Butcher' Roberts, started his professional life as a city banker, working in the cutthroat world of finance, but pretty soon the high-flying champagne lifestyle began to grate on a man eager for more physical challenges. Dave quit his day job and became an enforcer in London's shadowy underworld. Using his size and personality to bully his way up the criminal ladder, he quickly found work in London's biggest crime family as their primary heavy muscle. Dave has been given a new mission by his boss, one that'll hopefully be good for business: clean the Horzine filth off the streets. It's one he's taking very seriously. Dave The Butcher Roberts BIO.png

Dr Jeffrey Tamm[edit]

Scientist portrait.JPG Doctor Jeffrey Tamm dedicated his youth to the pursuit of two things, computer science and his college crush. After the restraining order was slapped in place by an unsympathetic High Court Judge, he threw himself into his only remaining outlet, robotics. Jeff's passion and fervor soon earned him a top job with Horzine, heading up the development of their Domestic Assistant Robot (DAR). No one knows Jeff's true goal, the desire that keeps him up all night tinkering with all sorts of bleeding-edge technology... Jeff still hungers for his college crush and if he can't have her, he'll make her. Dr Jeffrey Tamm BIO.png

Samuel Avalon[edit]

Firefighter portrait.jpg Brave, talented and handsome, on the surface Samuel Avalon's the ideal fireman, even making it into last year's Local Hunk Heroes calendar, his toned biceps tensed photogenically as he cradled an artfully smudged baby. But Sam harbors a dark secret... he loves death, revels in pain and is drawn to destruction; being a fireman doesn't only pay the bills, it satisfies dark urges. When the Horzine outbreaks began, Sam was among the first to grab a weapon and plunge into the fire and fury raging on the streets of London, eager to feed his disturbing appetites in the name of heroism. Samuel Avalon BIO.png

Shadow Ferret[edit]

UrbanNinja portrait.jpg After having his stomach stapled three years ago and losing over half his bodyweight, Rob Allan realized the world was his oyster, so he did what any reasonable person would do... become Shadow Ferret, ninja protector of Brixton. After several awkward trips to the hospital, two short stints in prison, and an embarrassing viral video which got over four million hits, Rob was starting to wonder if he was cut out for the whole stealthy martial arts thing. Then his prayers were answered. When evil erupted from Horzine's corporate bowels, Rob saw the chance for Shadow Ferret to hone his abilities and show the world he's worthy of respect. Shadow Ferret BIO.png

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