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Your Worst Nightmare.

Who I am doesn't matter, more important who you are.

My Steam Community page: Steam.png.

Field Medic Perk Medic Gold.png Trader Crossbow.png
Support Specialist Perk Support Gold.png Trader Hunting Shotgun.png
Sharpshooter Perk Sharpshooter Gold.png Trader Handcannon.png
Commando Perk Commando Gold.png Trader M4.png
Berseker Perk Berserker Gold.png Trader Katana.png
Firebug Perk Firebug Gold.png Trader Flame Thrower.png
Demolitions Perk Demolition Gold.png Trader Law.png


Dot of Doom.jpg Dignity for the Dead.jpg Wasted.jpg Merry Men.jpg And Back to School.jpg Pile Up.jpg Commit-ed for life.jpg SWAT.jpg Comet.jpg Merry Friggin Christmas.jpg Devil Cake.jpg

About Me[edit]

Since I've got all the achievements in Killing Floor, I am helping pubs with Normal, Hard and sometimes with Suicidal achievements. I don't see any point to play Hell on Earth anymore, But I do playing it, not too much as I used to. Also I like to translate Wiki articles and you can see my progress below.

Approximate stats[edit]

Agent Wilkes Portrait square.jpg This user particularly enjoys playing as Agent Wilkes.
Devil Cake.jpg This user has completed a Long Game on all maps on Hell On Earth Difficulty.
Lord of the Manor.jpg This user particularly enjoys playing on the Manor Map.
Pound icon 64.png This user particularly enjoys facing the Fleshpound.
Steam.png This user has 175 out of 280 Killing Floor Steam Achievements.
That's 63%!

Favourite Level 1 weapon Trader Winchester.png Lever-action rifle
Favourite Level 2 weapon Trader Law.png L.A.W
Favourite Level 3 weapon Trader M4 203.png M4 203
Favourite Melee weapon Trader Katana.png Katana

Weapon stats[edit]

Weapons Accuracy Headshots Usage
Lever-action rifle 82% 40% 30%
Katana 95% 70% 50%
Fire axe 87% 62% 22%
L.A.W 160% 20% 8%
Pipe bomb 241% 0% 12%
Handcannon 73% 20% 16%
Crossbow 98% 80% 6%

Difficulty stats[edit]

Stats Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
% Finale survives 100% 79% 60% 53% 35%
% Usage 3% 53% 27% 10% 7%
Patriarch death by me 10% 70% 75% 40% 6%

Yep, I've never died on Beginner, it would be a shame.


- Created Grenade/ru, Stalker/ru, Fleshpound/ru, L.A.W/ru, Shotgun/ru, SCARMK17/ru, Compound crossbow/ru, Pipe bomb/ru, Specimen/ru, Husk/ru, Inventory system/ru, Bullpup/ru, Perks/ru, Bloat/ru, Steampunk character pack/ru, Siren/ru, M32 Grenade launcher/ru, Mountain Pass/ru, Hit-and-run tactics/ru, Gorefast/ru, M4 carbine/ru, Combat shotgun/ru, Claymore/ru pages.

- Fixed Achievements/ru by lining up their categories.

- Added lots of improvements and grammar corrections into articles of other players.

- Finished translation of other users for Medical syringe/ru, Chainsaw/ru, Commando/ru and Scrake/ru.

- Added translation for Summer Sideshow event achievements character info and official maps templates.

- Moved M79 Grenade launcher/ru page to ru category.

Currently working on: Demolition/ru and Firebug/ru pages.

Some Moments From My Game[edit]

Cut Patriarch into pieces.
I am fireproof.